We provide market shaping technology that solves complex retail, brand and consumer challenges.

We see technology as the intelligent and innovative application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. This application of technology adds immense value to human lives and to our industry. Our approach to tech is to challenge the status quo: we experiment and learn so that we can be the best at delivering the best. We maintain a resolute technological focus for a digital age. Our technology platforms are:


Revolutionising business, print and packaging. This technology delivers on Supply Chain Efficiency, Brand Protection and Consumer Engagement. It delivers inventory control with real-time track & trace.

It assists to increase consumer confidence by allowing individuals to authenticate and validate products using a smart device. It allows direct 1-1 end customer engagement and interaction through every package and marketing collateral both pre & post-purchase.

Smart Pack
Strategic Planning

Inside Track

Inside Track enables retail operations and audits through a smartphone App linked to a live, visual reporting Dashboard.

Inside Track is packed with configurable features ranging from retail audits through to marketing asset tracking and trade execution verification.

A perfect tool for retailers and FMCG brands looking for measurement and ROI analytics.


Retail Management System

RMS is a complete, integrated and centralised campaign management platform for everyone involved in the production of advertising-related media including marketers, buyers, agencies, production controllers and printers.

When integrated into the retail workflow, RMS revolutionises the process, improving and speeding up briefing while reducing the error rate and, in turn, the amount of checking required. Ultimately, RMS significantly reduces costs and improves the ability to react quickly to competitive activity.


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360 Marketing


Consumers are rapidly embracing instant messengers such as Facebook Messenger which provide a rich and interactive environment. Our platform allows you to offer true convenience to your audience who are already engaging on this platform.

Our platform supports a range of consumer options from advanced user journeys & interaction through to eCommerce models such as Click & Collect, Click, Pay & Collect and Delivery. This allows you to evolve your offering over time in line with consumer demand.


Strategic Planning


A competitions made easy platform! The easiest way to generate customer leads! Hive Connect’s very own Competitions Made Easy Platform! uWINa aims to disrupt promotional competition entry with a simple, gamified, mobile, universal platform that can live across all touch points online and off.

Building and embedding a dynamic and experiential competition element into any campaign has never been easier. Entertaining, Engaging and Delighting the end user is what uWINa was built to do. It’s super easy! Go give it a try! It’s simple, cost effective and it works. uWINa allows a brand to build a database of highly engaged end users who love to see what is coming next. We have a few tricks up our sleeve with this one….


Augmented Reality

Through our global partners, we have state of the art AR technology that allows us to easily deploy quick solutions through to more complicated AR and even VR solutions. This includes store visualisation and walk through, AR gaming, store window and in-store applications.

This technology delivers upon our quick response need for consumer brands which allows you to activate straight off your product and packaging.


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360 Marketing


As part of the Hirt & Carter Group, we have vast real-world experience with producing strategic and effective digital signage content.

Our services cover strategic conceptualisation, creative work, conceptual work and ideation through to design, implementation and reporting. Our software includes full management capabilities with audience analytics.


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