SmartPack is cutting-edge technology that makes packaging smart! It uses unique digital identifiers that turn printed content into valuable and interactive digital experiences.

SmartPack boasts a diverse range of progressive uses from packaging and print through to post-purchase.

SmartPack offers:

Brand Protection:  Inform, Protect & Connect. Fight brand abuse through our innovative digital and print to digital solutions. The main role of packaging and labels is to protect, inform and contain a product during its lifetime, from manufacture to use. Packaging and Labelling play a major role in supplying information to the user that identifies the brand, provides useful data regarding origin and age, and indicates that products have not been tampered with during the distribution cycle.

We protect against counterfeiting, diversion, & parallel trading.

Supply Chain Efficiency – Serialisation: 

We assign each product/pack or component with a unique serial number or code, making it possible to trace items as they move from production and packaging through the supply chain to the end user. This unique identifier is printed onto these items using coding, marking equipment or directly on our print production lines.

(small font)**Our platform complies with GS1 Global Standards: Product serialization requirements are consistent with industry standards published by the Global Standards Organization GS1. Serialization standards from GS1 include the 2D Data Matrix as the barcode data carrier, the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) as unique product identification number, the Global Location Number (GLN) as the unique trading partner identification number, and the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) as the interoperable event data exchange.

Consumer Engagement:

Get closer to your consumers and engage directly from pack.  SmartPack offers the ability to provide additional packaging information, recycling detail, nutritional information, experiences and rewards directly from your product.  Our unique marketing & engagement platforms are built for this purpose.