We enable proprietary tech & licensed solutions to our clients.

Our approach to tech is to experiment and learn so that we can be the best at delivering the best. We maintain a resolute technological focus on digital platforms for retailers & brands. Our platforms are:

Connected Print & Packaging

Revolutionising business, print and packaging. This technology delivers on Supply Chain Efficiency, Brand Protection and Direct Consumer Engagement off pack. It delivers inventory control with real-time track & trace.

It assists to increase consumer confidence by allowing individuals to authenticate and validate products using a smart device. It allows direct 1-1 end customer engagement and interaction through every package and marketing collateral both pre & post-purchase.

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A competitions made easy platform! The easiest way to generate customer leads! Hive Connect’s very own Competitions Made Easy Platform! uWINa aims to disrupt promotional competition entry with a simple, gamified, mobile, universal platform that can live across all touch points online and off.

Building and embedding a dynamic and experiential competition element into any campaign has never been easier. Entertaining, Engaging and Delighting the end user is what uWINa was built to do. It’s super easy! Go give it a try! It’s simple, cost effective and it works. uWINa allows a brand to build a database of highly engaged end users who love to see what is coming next. We have a few tricks up our sleeve with this one….



SmartPOS™ is our Market Execution application for retailers and brands.  It provides our clients with a holistic approach to end to end, in-store and market execution of campaigns, point of sale & merchandising.

SmartPOS™ is a state-of-the-art POS & Campaign Management platform with intuitive workflow and reporting capabilities, coupled with an Android and Apple verified App for tracking campaign POS in-store.

360 Marketing
Strategic Planning


Digital, visual communication & intelligence for retailers and brands.

We offer digital marketing and media solutions that are interactive and intelligent. 

  • Interactive displays
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital gondola’s
  • Digital shelf & pricing solutions
  • Digital content
  • Implementation & management


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