Blog 2

An Industry Introduction to Hive Connect – a Tiso Blackstar brand.

October 12, 2017

Hive Connect came into being as a consequence of the critical insight that the traditional print industry was in need of a drastic digital and innovation focus. Traditional business models and the technologies they depend upon are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate: a radical evolutionary leap was required to connect the old with the new. Enter Hive Connect: we exist to bring rapid and radical innovation to the print, media and manufacturing/retail industries in order to create a powerful synthesis between past, present and future.

We are the pioneering, digital technology solutions business, based at the Hirt & Carter Group – a Tiso Blackstar Company. We are uniquely positioned to optimise collaboration between retailers, brands and businesses by collectively navigating the challenging and exciting journey through the demanding digital environment. We forge new paths by constantly discovering innovative ways to leverage technology. We use these to build long-term brand loyalty and increase revenue through aggressive growth drivers that attract more customers and deliver better end results.

We have dynamic businesses and teams of people backing our approach and new deliverables that position us for the future.