Hive Connect is an enabler of technology. The perfect partner for collaboration, implementation and execution.

By leveraging state-of-the-art digital technologies in print, digital & media, we create seamless customer experiences and provide business solutions for retailers, brands and consumers.

We have unparalleled efficiency in technology enablement & development. Through our platforms, we enable innovative solutions, products and services that deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Being able to locate the best technology in the global marketplace and put it into the hands of our customers truly sets us apart. It allows us to guarantee our solutions deliver the kind of ROI which optimises our clients’ business objectives in exceptional fashion.

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Why Hive?


Hive Connect came into being as a consequence of the critical insight that the traditional print & media industry is in need of digital & innovation focus. Traditional business models and the technologies they depend upon are becoming obsolete. A radical evolutionary leap was required to connect the old with the new. Enter Hive Connect – we exist to bring rapid and radical innovation to the print, media and retail industries in order to create a powerful synthesis between past, present and future.

We are the pioneering digital technology solutions business based at Hirt & Carter Group Solutions – A Tiso Blackstar Group Company. We are uniquely positioned to optimise collaboration between retailers, brands, consumers and businesses by collectively navigating the challenging, exciting journey through the demanding digital environment. We forge new paths by constantly discovering innovative new ways to leverage technology to build long-term aggressive growth strategies to deliver better end results for our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to be the essential business partner of choice that harnesses, leverages and enables the power of global technology to bridge the print and digital divide. We implement unsurpassed business drivers that optimally position our clients for the future.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our primary reason for existence is to transcend the divide between print and digital by seamlessly blending the two through the astute enablement of the world’s most innovative technologies to effect true digital empowerment for both our group and our clients.

Our Team

We are a team of highly motivated and seriously skilled change evangelists in a digital context. We are not a monolithic group of people but a sleek, efficient constellation of variously focused business units. We have a scaled team throughout our collaborative partnerships and a core team dedicated to developing and enabling innovative technology in the digital space. Pure and simple: our team is driven by the ability of digital technology to build brands and create immersive experiences. We do what we love and we love what we do.

Chantal Donnelly
Head Of Digital

Promoting Digital Transformation in our industry. Chantal is a digital enthusiast and enabler of technology. With over 20 years of experience in the print, media, advertising and retail industry, digital has become her lifeblood. A workaholic mom of one incredible kid and our digital advocate. Greatest passion – Family & Travel.


Brandon Sookdeo
Digital Graphic & Web Designer

Brandon is our Digital Graphic & Web Designer who is passionate about design and technology. He has been involved in the creative industry for more than 7 years. Being a creative is his superpower. Nature inspires him and he’s at the beach any chance he gets. Cars, good movies, plus family and friends equals no worries… hakuna matata!


Dylan Samuel
Campaign Assistant

Dylan is a young and effervescent Campaign Assistant. Having recently completed his media degree at Wits University, Dylan works to inject a fresh and vibrant perspective into the campaign strategy implemented at Hive Connect.


Alan Haarhoff
Head of Product

Alan is an experienced ICT product manager with a solid technical and development background. He has strong capabilities in and a passion for UI, UX, product development and analytics. His driving force is developing products and platforms that solve challenges and drive sustainable business strategies.


Jayden Fourie
Business Development Manager

Jayden is a very driven person who is well versed in the latest technologies and always abreast of industry and market trends. His technical, pre-sales/sales and business development management experience have given him a solid foundation to interact with Businesses of all different sizes and backgrounds on different levels. He is passionate about people and businesses and merging the two with leading-edge technology enabling them to achieve the highest successes possible.


Sithembiso Proffesor Goqo
Intern Developer

Sithembiso Proffesor Goqo recently completed a Diploma in ICT in Applications Development. He is currently studying towards his BTech in Information Technology at Durban University of Technology. Sithembiso is a C# Developer with expertise in SDLC, which includes Requirements Analysis, Design, Development and Production support. He is result-oriented with great attention to detail as well as a strong desire to see projects through from beginning to end.


Mpumelelo Chaincomo
Implementation Coordinator

Mpumelelo is a young professional with a wealth of transferable skills gained in both the retail and IT sector. After joining the business as a Software Development Intern, Mpumelelo gained a vast amount of experience in dealing with client relations and digital product implementation. Since then she has been made the Implementation Coordinator for Hive where she works to promote business relations and provide support to clients.



Hive Connect is backed by a formidable powerhouse of media and print experience. We position ourselves alongside world-class partners who share our innovative vision of bridging the gaps between media, print and digital. We create a potent new whole from disparate elements by seamlessly aligning them through our smart, connected digital solutions and technology.

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An Industry Introduction to Hive Connect – a Tiso Blackstar brand.

An Industry Introduction to Hive Connect – a Tiso Blackstar brand.

Hive Connect came into being as a consequence of the critical insight that the traditional print industry was in need of a drastic digital and innovation focus. Traditional business models and the technologies they depend upon are becoming obsolete at an alarming...